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Patient engagement
Remote Therapeutic Monitoring
Patient-reported outcomes
Operations analytics
Utilization analytics
Clinically Integrated Networks
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Remote Therapeutic Monitoring

Redefine remote care

Deploy your MSK pathways with billable RTM (Remote Therapeutic Monitoring) programs for all of your MSK patients.

200+ MSK conditions
msk.ai supports hundreds of MSK conditions and pathways From rehab to surgical, across the full spectrum of orthopedic surgery.
RTM CPT codes
Access our comprehensive playbooks and pathways to support you and your team in deploying and billing RTM programs.
Patient-reported outcomes

Improve your outcomes

Collect, measure and submit patient-reported outcomes (PROs). Understand your performance, identify areas for care optimization and actively engage in value-based care.

CMS PRO mandate
Get ready for CMS-mandated patient-reported outcome reporting.
AAOS Registry Program
msk.ai is an authorized digital vendor of the AAOS Registry Program.

Leverage your data

Improve operational performance through clinical, financial & utilization analytics with msk.ai analysis features.

Track, analyze, and plan around KPIs to improve patient care and improve operational efficiencies.
Compare OR totals, OR utilization, and surgeon level block scheduling. Get better insight with data you can trust to manage your OR scheduling effectively.

Better patient experience

Support, inform and connect with your patients. Drive better patient engagement and reduce clinical work load with this highly personalized platform.

Patient education
Choose from hundreds of evidence-based patient education modules supporting the full spectrum of MSK care.
Health equality
Improve access and advance health equity in your population. msk.ai is well aligned with the CMS Framework for Health Equity.
Case study
Mark Campbell, MD
The CORE Institute, Phoenix.
″msk.ai has been built by orthopedic docs, for orthopedic docs. They understand the complexity of a busy orthopedic practice. Using msk.ai we have been able to redefine remote care and improve our practice performance.″

One platform customized for your needs

Billable RTM for Practices
Implement billable Remote Therapeutic Monitoring programs for your patients to deliver better patient care and improved practice performance.
PROs for Health Systems
Get ready for CMS-mandated PRO reporting with our comprehensive PRO package. Contact us to learn how we can improve compliance whilst reducing the administrative burden.
Custom packages to meet your needs
msk.ai has a solution for you, whatever your size. Contact our team to understand how we can put together a custom package to meet your needs.
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